Contagesha Consultancy

Contagesha (Contabilidad y Gestión Habana S.L.) is a Madrid-based company specializing in accounting, tax and labour consultancy for small and medium-sized companies, professionals and large corporations.

Contagesha relies on a team of professionals trained in the fields of Finance, Law and Labour Relations and dedicated to finding the best strategic solutions for our clients and their businesses.

Our company boasts a roster of clients representing a wide array of industries, including architecture, medicine, real estate development, publishing houses, large retailers, advertising and marketing agencies, graphic design firms, wineries, brokerage firms, headhunters and law firms.

Our goal is to adapt our strategies to the needs of clients with regard to their sphere of activity, business structure or industry. One of the factors that sets us apart is the direct contact and open communication with our client, providing constant attention to their information needs.