Our clients’ business activity requires carrying out many steps before the Administration and other official state bodies.  Contagesha has years of experience in the processing of formal procedures in the public and private sectors.

  • Requesting and renewing corporate names before the Central Mercantile Registry.
  • Registering corporate deeds (incorporation, change of address, change of the administration body, etc.).
  • Deposits of merger and de-merger projects.
  • Requesting certificates and extracts (digital signature, literal certifications, etc.).
  • Settlement of the Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty, the Inheritance and Donations Tax, etc.
  • Recording deeds of sale and purchase for properties and other assets at the Land Registries.
  • Filing census declarations (Form 036) and all types of writs before the Spanish Tax Authorities.
  • Processing the digital certificate for legal entities.
  • Publication of announcements in the Official State Gazette and the Official Gazettes of the Autonomous Communities.