Labour Department

At Contagesha we are specialized in labour management for small and medium-sized businesses and self-employed professionals. Our activity comprises general advice in all areas associated with Employment Law and Social Security: workforce planning, new hires, employment costs, risk prevention…

    Contagesha carries out the following related-related administrative steps, among others:

  • Recording companies with Social Security, opening Social Security Contribution Account Codes and associating it with insurance companies.
  • Notifying the Directorate General of Labour of the Opening of Work Centres.
  • Processing registrations, removals and variations in employee data at the Social Security.
  • Processing reports on occupational accidents and illnesses.
  • Drafting contracts and renewals and notifying the Spanish National Employment Institute in this regard.
  • Preparing payslips and calculating contribution slips.
  • Calculating final settlements and notifying the Spanish National Employment Institute of the Company Certificate.
  • Processing collective dismissal proceedings.
  • Providing services to inpatriates
  • Special regimes: domestic employees, self-employed persons, artists, etc.